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Welcome to the CHA Choko mod Wiki!

The Choko Group has develop a series of Mods for the Capcom Home Arcade, so everyone can modify this amazing piece of hardware.


The CHA Mod (or Hack) will allow you to add your roms to the CHA Original system, this can be done in different ways, you can preserve the original software without altering and use an USB Stick to play your roms, this different mods can be confusing so this is an explanation of them

Types of Mods

We have now 3 modifications that are independent and can be combined as we wish:

A) Expand internal "disk" partition and add games to the original menu.

B) Use an USB drive to expand "disk" space and add games to the original menu.

C) Use a different operating system (Lakka), with RetroArch as user interface, with all the advantages and disadvantages it may have.

We can use one of this modifications, we can combine 2 or we can use them all.


  • Use only B and leave CHA running the original system by default, with 16 games. But when in the mood to play "X-Men vs Street Fighter", put the usb disk and add it to the list.
  • Use A and B combined; put 85 Capcom games inside the CHA but when in the mood for some "Metal Slug", just insert the usb disk with Neo Geo games and enjoy.
  • Use the three, A and B and C; fill the internal "disk" with Capcom games, use the usb disk with more games because internal "disk" is already full and install RetroArch to play those vertical games or other that the original system won't run (like Red Earth).

International model vs German model (aka with SD Card reader)

The Capcom Home Arcade has 2 different physical versions the International one and the German one, around 2k units on Germany contains an SD Card Reader, if you ave this SD Card reader, you can make the CHA boot from your SD card, (the same way it can boot from your USB),

You can add an SD Card reader with some soldering skills and following this guide: SD Card reader MOD


  1. Instructions
  2. How to put the CHA in FEL mode
  3. Full System Backup and Restore
  4. DUAL BOOT - Installing Lakka in the CHA
  5. Game Manager
  6. SD Card reader MOD

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