This page hosts some EXPERIMENTAL scripts or packs that were made for some specific scenario/user but may be useful to others or may be adapted to other purposes.

Choko Hack installer for "fake update server"

This is an alternative method for installing the Choko Hack without the need to open the CHA and connect it in FEL mode (the officially supported method).

The method consists in tricking the updater to install our pack as if it was downloaded from official updates server.

  1. Your CHA have to be in a firmware version different from 1.5. Update to the latest version if you haven't yet.
  2. Set up a web server, either a NAS in your network or your own Windows PC.
  3. If you're using your PC as web server, you can also setup a Hot Spot connection and connect the CHA directly to your PC.
  4. Take note of your web server IP in the network / hot spot (either the NAS or PC).
  5. If you're using the hot spot, edit your PC hosts file (with administrator permission) and add a line like "192.168.XXX.XXX" using your web server IP, obviously. If using any other server in network, you need to set up a "static route" in your router sending all requests to your web server IP.
  6. In your web server root page (usually "C:\inetpub\wwwroot" if you're using your Windows PC as server) extract the "upd" folder from CHOKO_HACK_v9.2a_-_fake_update_server_(based_on_upd_v1.5).7z
  7. Now connect your CHA and look for updates in Settings. It should find a new update available, "v1.5 Choko". Install it and let it reboot.
  8. After confirming v1.5 Choko is installed, delete the "static route" from your router and connect the CHA to the usual network. It should say there is a "new" v1.51 update. Let it update.

And that's all. You can now extract the "CHA_MOD" folder from the FEL mode pack to an USB pendrive and use the hack.

Copy games from USB to internal eMMC or SD card

After playing for a while with games in USB pendrive we wonder how comfortable could be if the games where "inside", not needing the pendrive... just choosing from a menu.

  • First you need space inside to put all the games inside, either in eMMC or in micro SD card if you have one.

If you have installed Lakka or plan to do it, the partitions are already expanded (or will be after you install).

If not, you need to use Gparted or any other partition manager that is able to handle EXT4 and expand it. As for now we couldn't find a free tool to do it from Windows, but booting Gparted from an USB pendrive it's not that hard to do. Don't forget to put the CHA in FEL mode before rebooting you PC to use Gparted.

  • Check that Choko Hack is already installed in the CHA.
  • Get this pack and extract the folder CHA_MOD to a pendrive (careful not to overwrite any preexisting CHA_MOD folder).
  • Read the read_me.txt carefully.
  • Put the roms you want to install in the correspondent folders (you can use the included "move_roms.bat" script).

Be careful, the script won't check for available space! It will try to copy everything you have inside USB:\CHA_MOD folder.

  • If you don't want any SNK games delete the file "gamesSNK.txt". Or delete "gamesCAPCOM.txt" if not going to add any Capcom games.

The official 16 games list won't be changed in any situation. It will always be available in the menu.

  • If you're copying only a few games, not the full supported list, don't forget to edit "\CHA_MOD\gamesCAPCOM.txt" and/or "\CHA_MOD\gamesSNK.txt" and remove de lines of the games you don't want.
  • Put the pendrive in the CHA USB EXT port and turn it on. It will copy the games from USB to the internal memory (eiter eMMC or SD card, whatever you're using).

Now the CHA will reboot and you'll see that the games list are already available in the menu.

Don't let it execute the Choko Hack from USB, it will copy everything again.

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